Working at ZND Group

ZND Group is a global business specialising in temporary fencing, hoarding, pedestrian barriers and wire production. ZND Group was established in 1965 in Holland and now has operations in Holland, Poland, United Kingdom and the United States (with factories in North Carolina and California), supplying products to clients and distributors across the globe from the warehouses around the world. Fencing is supplied to distribution partners, such as resellers and rental companies. These partners in turn supply the construction and events sector. The ZND fences were used for the Olympic Games in London and Rio, the Tour de France and the visit of the Pope in Poland, but above all the fences are visible in everyday life along the road during construction projects. ZND's sales teams are active throughout Europe and North America.

  • Headquarters in Valkenswaard
  • Operating worldwide
  • 50 employees in the Netherlands
  • 369 employees worldwide
  • 49% / 51%
  • Average age 44 years
  • Smart casual
  • Hybrid working

Growth possibilities at this organisation

You determine your growth within the company yourself by defining your own projects and ambitions. ZND Group supports training and courses, and sharing knowledge is very important among employees.

Why work at ZND Group

Marcel van Kesteren
Marcel van Kesteren

For years, I have been passionate about what goes on at the construction site. We are at the forefront with our equipment. The other reasons are "international," "growth," "manufacturing" and, above all, "passionate people."

Jo De Clercq
Jo De Clercq
Group CFO

About two months ago I started as Group CFO of ZND. I was especially attracted by the amazingly dynamic environment in the company. I saw this culture confirmed in practice, not only in our fast-growing start-up in the USA. It gives a lot of energy to have a direct impact on the setting up of processes and tools that have a direct impact on the fact-based decision culture.

Imogen Bellerby
Imogen Bellerby
Financial Director

I was looking for a new challenge, at a company ready to embrace change, with a strong team emphasis and where my role would not be confined to just accounting work. For me, ZND meets this brief.

Maarten Steinfort
Maarten Steinfort
Head of Digital (a.i.)

Despite the fact that ZND has existed since 1965, there is an extremely entrepreneurial and family atmosphere. Together with the private equity fund, the company is being transformed to pursue the growth strategy and ambitions, which gives me a lot of energy.

Małgorzata Gradowska​
Małgorzata Gradowska​
Plant Controller

I started working at ZND in 2012. I am constantly developing with the organization and gaining new experiences. We have a well-coordinated team of committed people who love their job.

No job openings at ZND Group

There are currently no job openings at this company.

What is our biggest challenge?

ZND's biggest challenge is realizing growth outside Europe, in the United States. Two new factories were recently opened in California and North Carolina. How are we going to market ourselves in the US (e.g. Made In USA), how are we going to price ourselves (e.g. premium or volume-focused) and how can we win new customers through different routes-to-market?

‘Introducing stronger and safer products with better performances to the market, with the aim of offering our customers the best possible value for money in temporary fencing.’

ZND Group